Tightlacing Day 1 – My Poor Organs


Having been a fan of corsetry since my teens, it is only recently that I’ve started toying with the idea of consistent tightlacing. This is due to a few coincidences that I’ve chosen to link together for inspiration – the first being a photo shoot I was on, where the makeup artist admired the baby blue brocade underbust fashion corset I’d brought, and told me that I should start a business importing corsets to Asia since they’re so difficult to find here. Then my friend Queen B enthused about RegencyGirl and how much she loved the concept and the site, which really encouraged me to move to Wordpress so more people would have access to it.
The next step in the coincidence string was my fabulous friend, PR maverick and It Girl entrepreneur Natasha S- (the celebrity makeup artist founder of international luxury beauty brush brand, FaceTools) telling me about the recent corset trend in the US, and asking me to advise her on getting a corset since she knew of my interest. I decided to join her on her tightlacing adventure, for fun and also to make sure that she gets through it safely. For her it’s more of a fad and for me it’s more of a passion, but I’d like to use my experience to make sure she gets the right corset and starts tightlacing slowly, instead of trying to rush into it as I’m sure many people do.

My first day of wearing my leather Leatherotics tightlacing corset was interesting. A recent summer holiday (and a year of law studies) have seen my waist soften a little, though I’m on path to be back in shape by the start of next year. With this in mind, I allowed a lot of looseness at the top of the corset and didn’t tighten the strings much at all. Even then, halfway through the day I was feeling the constriction. This is probably partially due to a rather large lunch where I ate far more than I needed to (greedyface) and the fact that it wasn’t laced too tightly, so was sliding up my waist a little and pressing on my bottom ribs.
My posture is quite good (or so people comment) but I found myself slouching today – possibly because of the movement of the corset towards my ribs? When I stood taller my stomach felt a little better, but it was quite uncomfortable after lunch and in the taxi on the way home. Again, I believe this was from the upward movement of the corset, acting as a good reminder how important it is to get the placement just right.
By mid afternoon I was ready to take the corset off, and when I did so my stomach and organs fell back into shape with a sigh of relief. I must have had it on slightly tighter than I’d realised, as you can see from the boning marks.

I’ve ordered a Mystic City cotton tightlacing corset online and should be using that for my CORSET CURVES 3 month corset + exercise experiment.

Until then I’ll be wearing one of my twenty or so fashion corsets, hopefully my ivory Meschantes overbust (if it ever arrives) and my Leatherotics tightlacer.
Onwards to the rest of my tightlacing adventures

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