Nightingale Adventures : Singing Lessons Begin

It’s really lovely to start singing lessons again. Today was my first day and I had little nervous butterflies of excitement in my stomach on my way to class. It’s lovely to feel excited like that.

I don’t really have any background in singing – I can’t read music and I’ve had fewer than twenty singing lessons throughout my whole life, but it’s something that I’m very drawn to, and find extremely beautiful.

Predictably, the type of singing I like is classical – arias and opera – and fortunately I’m a soprano with coloratura potential, which is thrilling since I simply love The Doll Song from Tales of Hoffman.

In todays lesson we explored where my voice could reach, and my singing instructor said that my current range is low F to high D, with tessitura in the higher soprano range. We’ll spend the rest of the year strengthening that and working on sweet soprano songs that are easy to remember, with english or french words or memorable tunes.

One day I’d like to be able to sing some simple coloratura pieces, but I know I’m starting from bare beginnings so for the moment I’m a tiny joyful sparrow, shining with admiration for the nightingale and awaiting the day when my voice shall too sound so sweet that the smiling moon itself will rise to hear it.


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Raven Tao

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  1. Are you still singing? My mother is a coloratura who owns a voice academy in Chicago, and I grew up to the strains of La Traviata and Le Nozze di Figaro seeping out of the French doors while she taught voice in our home. I’d love to hear more about your journey.

    Lady Grey

    1. I am still singing, albeit less regularly since I decided not to apply for the APA opera course but to pursue private lessons on my own. How incredible to hear about your experience as a child. I want my children to grow up hearing opera too!

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