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I’ve been thinking of Meschantes corsets for a while now, since they have some interesting styles as well as popular waist training corsets on their website, Ebay and Etsy stores. The lowest priced underbust on the Meschantes website is usd$160 and goes up to usd$295 for the pretty lace sleeved Magnolia overbust, with added costs for trimmings. For a good quality waist training corset this seems like a good price, though I must admit that I prefer the severe S-shape of the custom built Edwardian corsets by Morua Corsetry, which I’d love to consider for a birthday one year (though they’re probably better for established corset wearers with stable weight, as they’re custom fitted and start at usd$475.)

I’ve read that Meschantes is a good quality corset supplier with strong steel bones and good panel work suitable for waist training, but I’ve also seen some very mixed reviews; mostly good regarding the simple ready to wear corsets, and mostly bad/terrible regarding contact/customer service/custom orders.

Because I’m still a newbie to waist training and will be losing weight over the months ahead (as I get back to full time entertainment work) I decided to try Meschantes. I made an enquiry about one of the items on their Etsy store but after a speedy response to my initial enquiry there was no contact from Meschantes for a week. None of my questions answered.
I went ahead and purchased the lovely ready to wear Bridal Contessa Overbust Corset in the last ivory colour they had. And still no response from them at all, until this week when I received an Etsy message saying that my corset has shipped.

I am thrilled to be getting this gorgeous ivory corset sent over for some fabulous summer fashioning, but I find it very odd to have purchased from a seller and not heard a peep from them.
Having said that, I imagine that it can only be a good thing – if a seller is so incredibly busy that they don’t have time to respond to messages for an off-the-rack order, I’d hope it was because they were so closely attending to the details of their personalised corset orders that they simply didn’t have time for anything else whatsoever. Or so I’d like to think, as I excitedly await my very first dreamy Meschantes corset.

Once it arrives I’ll post some pictures here and on my instagram and write an update on how it fits. Apparently the sizing is on the petite size, so I expect that the 22″ won’t close, despite my upcoming weight loss (since Lucy of Lucy’s Corsetry can close a 22″ waist and she couldn’t close the meschantes corset that she reviewed.)
However, I shall be aiming for a 24″ closed waist on my upcoming CORSET CURVES 3 Month Corset + Exercise Experiment so you can look forward to seeing my new Ivory Meschantes corset make appearances when my full time adventures in tightlacing begin on October 1st.

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  1. I think if a girl wants to corset then go right ahead! I know a lot of people think its a archaic and we’ve moved away from that. Im gonna consider getting one when I have a little extra cash cause I have a somewhat hour glass figure because of my hips but I would love to get my waist to cooperate more with that. I also think it would actually make me feel better wearing some dresses.

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