‘Aphrodite’ by V-Couture

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes when I chanced upon the ‘Aphrodite’ corset by V-Couture on Etsy. I’d seen the image online when searching for candidates for my Gallery Of The Worlds Most Beautiful Corsets, but since the person posting didn’t know the reference source, I assumed it was an exquisite museum piece being exhibited.
Imagine my delight when, perusing Etsy for options for my birthday corset, and clicking on V-Couture’s ‘Red Roses’ overbust, I happened to chance upon it!
If this wasn’t my first year getting a birthday corset I would absolutely be getting this one!! (You can see why in my post on my birthday corset).
V-Couture is based in Bremen, Germany and does some incredible sleeve detailing, with Aphrodite retailing (at the time of this writing) at USD$530 for a standard size.
Their work is quite beautiful and very feminine, and I truly hope that one day Aphrodite will arrive at my door, so I may adore her in person.

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