Vittorio Reggianini : Italian, 1858-1939

I really enjoy Italian artist Vittorio Reggianini’s portrayal of Regency and Victorian era life. The sumptuous flow of the dresses, fabrics and interior materials are painted in such a way that you can almost feel the threads of soft silk between your fingertips. Details of wallpaper and other tactile topics are all painted in fervently demure colours, politely beaming with notes of joy and sunshine.

Indeed, the playful nature of his paintings seems to giggle with the perfect bliss of a wonderful life lived well in almost unbearably divine surroundings with lovely company and pleasant flirtation; the joy of contentment, gratitude and delight that is found in friendship, family and interactions of the dreamiest kind. It is the music of Puccini in bubblegum colours on a canvas.

The more I find of his work, the more I fall in love, captivated by the scenes of perfection he portrays. I must admit, I am quite enraptured.

There is something truly beautiful about his creations- more than others I’ve seen, they seems to shine with the radiance of pure joy. It brings to mind summer days and candy floss; fairgrounds and bubble baths and sweet innocent memories of childhood. Every subject shines with charmed delight in a flawless moment of reality when the weather is temperate, the sun beaming gently, the company fulfilling and the moments dreamlike. There is love in the air, and giggles and laughter ringing alongside the distant birdsong.

If heaven were a second of time it would be a Reggianini second. If a glimpse of the soul of happiness could live in on the light and shadows of a painting, it would be extremely content existing in the comfortable scenes one of Vittorio Reggianini’s perfect moments.

“I have discovered the meaning of life, and it is nestled in the joy of a Reggianini painting.”
Lady Rae Allom

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