I’m a Boldini Girl Today! Charity Calendar Shoot with Ali G Studios

Todays theme was Victorian Portrait; the mood ‘Reverie’; the look ‘Gibson Girl’. Photographed by Ali Ghorbani of Ali G Studios, when we arrived to the breathtaking setting of antique shop Authentiques, I promptly fell in love. Quite obviously so, since it was commented that there might be a problem prying me from the store after the shoot completed! Oh J’adores…❤ A stunning studio selling 18C and 19C European furniture, I stepped in and felt right at home surrounded by the carved cabinets, ornate silver, plush velvets, brass candelabras, wallpapered walls of books, gilded mirrors and gorgeous antique writing desk. Actually, I’d LOVE if my home looked like this place! (As I’m sure many of you may agree.)

With the hair and makeup done, we started to set ourselves up to shoot. Today we were shooting for a charity calendar for fundraising charity Women Helping Women Hong Kong, so we all volunteered our time and played a number of roles.

When Ali called me up to ask what I’d like to shoot for the calendar, I told him about RegencyGirl.com and my new arrival of corsets and he immediately suggested Authentiques. Our theme was set, and our location confirmed. Fabulous makeup artist Ronald Lunar was the final piece to the puzzle, contacting Ali a few days before the shoot and completing the team.

Once shooting began, everyone fitted perfectly into place, assisting and supporting each other seamlessly. The drape styling technique that I do requires a lot of wrapping and folding, which I wasn’t able to do on myself on this occasion – being the first time I’d been both model and draper. Fortunately my sharp-eyed friend JJ decided to join to assist, and crafted the clothing into the beautiful shapes that we’ll see in the final photos.

There was something tangibly beautiful about this shoot – from the surroundings to the theme to the team itself. Maybe I experienced the sublime pleasure of the day most tangibly due to my predilection to all things Victorian and my recent insight into why we seek beauty, as offered by Roger Scruton in the documentary, ‘Why Beauty Matters’. Whatever was experienced by everyone else, I’m sure it was a day to remember and one which we are very much looking forward to seeing the results of.

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