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Have you ever wanted to wear a dress with flowing skirts like a Disney princess? Or feel the curve of a tailored hourglass corset contouring your body? Or perhaps sleep in the style of night gown Scarlett Johansson wore in Girl With A Pearl earring?
Perhaps your desires are more like mine; to feel the sculpture of a modernised Edwardian corset and a small 19th Century bustle pad to wear discreetly under skirts for a romantic evenings out. Silhouettes are ever more elegant in these visual times, when the majority of mass fashion produces easy comfortable beauty that slouches on the form.

I’ve recently become even more enamoured with corsets and under-fittings, craving ways to wear them in today’s everyday world.
Finding this incredible website, Period Corsets, has opened up a whole new world of authentic silhouetting, supplying period corsets and petticoats, skirt supports, underwear and full gowns. The prices aren’t low, but you know you’ll find exactly what you need for creating the perfect old world statement, today.

Combining a few Period Corsets pieces together with a few fabulous items from TheTrashyVictorian, and perhaps a corset or two from fabulous handmade corsetry & couture specialists Moura Designs, I’ll be cutting a fine figure around town.
I’m not quite there yet, and it’ll take time to put together a beautiful wardrobe collection, but finding good suppliers of old world fashion is a big step in the right direction.
Guess I’d better shortlist my silhouette essentials so I have a few goals to work towards!

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