My YouTube Corset Weight Loss Diary Video Series

It’s been incredibly encouraging to be at the tail end of my journey of discovering, understanding and learning to cope with my food sensitivities over these months and years.

Waiting for reprieve…

As I’ve posted about before, I’ve had some food intolerance weight struggles these past 3-4 years, though I didn’t quite realise that was the cause at the time. However my mid year breaking point and the discovery of the extent of my carb / gluten / processed sugar intolerances was an important (albeit painful) process, and three months later I’m thrilled to be emerging from the struggle much happier, stronger and healthier than I’ve been for a very long time.

I’ve been making a YouTube diary of the process just to track some of the symptoms, challenges, and body changes that are occurring as I go through this lifestyle adaptation.
xtitnkmrgf5krpqrbyAs a non athlete / sweet toothed / lazy geek who recently prefers reading and blogging to exercising, it’s been interesting to see my body adapt positively to the food changes occurring and I must say I’m starting to look forward to being strong again. Previously I seemed to be constantly tending to my cold / flu / various random bug ailments that saw me sick on an alarmingly regular basis, so I could never seem to get my fitness levels or habits to stabilise.

Now with more filming coming up and an increased awareness of the high fitness levels needed for acting, it’s all the more important to be strong and able, and I’m so very glad that it’s looking like that’s exactly the path I’m set to continue on over the months ahead. Three cheers for that!

Happy bubble of health

During my mid year health issues : (My face is noticeably puffy.)

Month 1 :

Month 2 :

Month 3 : Coming up next!

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