Becoming Healthier and Losing Weight Using Corsets + My Food Intolerances & Youtube Video Series

Okay, so there’s no fun way to put this. We finally figured out that the reason why it was such a pain for me to get back to my ‘healthy’ shape/size was because of a bunch of food intolerances that crept up out of nowhere and saw me going through a very painful  detox and in and out of the doctors office for a few months.

Add sugar, carbs and dairy sensitivity too.

It threw all diets out the window and has been a struggle to adjust to. I admit I’ve been falling off the wagon a lot, but nobody’s perfect and I am making progress in terms of the main foods that I want, which are much healthier than every before (it’s true, we can change our cravings!)  I guess I’m about 50% to where I want to be?
However it’s that next 50% that I’ve set my sights on now, and I have to figure out a way to approach it gently and in a way that won’t have my body freaking out or make my brain want to binge eat (which really, I thankfully don’t do any more since my kinesiology session) or put on a load of weight as a result.

Bye bye, you delicious darlings.

The good news is that I’m through! I’ve survived! And we know what needs to be done. The bad news is that it’s going to take some time to mentally adjust to the lifestyle changes that need to be made. Therefore I decided to create a little youtube video series to chronicle my journey back to health.

In the casual little series I’ll be returning to corseting, which I wasn’t able to do for the months I was sick since my belly was all puffed out and sore and I was nauseous a lot with temperature fluctuations and all kinds of other bizarre symptoms including excessive tiredness, general daily exhaustion, inability to wake up, migraines, smaller headaches, sudden crankiness or agitation, a lot of anxiety and also feelings of stress and helplessness since I didn’t know what was going on, which often caused me to comfort eat – and only made things worse.

But I can only see all the links in hindsight, because I think it’s easy enough for many of us to guess we may have an obvious intolerance to one or two things, but I didn’t imagine that my body would have a reaction to quite so many combined.

I’ve got to say… my body heals pretty fast and puts on muscle well. So I have to wonder whether it’s more of an indicator of the chemicals and ingredients in our food these days rather than purely a reflection on my body? My entire life – until these recent years with my weight gain – I’ve never been very into food, always been quite slim, and have never really been sick other than the flu bugs I would get when I went to China for extended work trips. So I do have to wonder…

Need one of these – matter data tester

In the video series I hope to touch on challenges I face, how my waist training is going, symptoms from cutting out certain foods, and generally my thoughts as I go through the experience. It’s just me, my corset and my youtube viewers! I hope it might help anyone who is going through anything similar.

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