Morua Corsetry & Couture

Morua designs a range of bespoke corsetry, gowns, coats and hats but my favourite items are their Edwardian S-shaped corsets, which really accentuate the waist and hips in Gibson Girl style. Able to be made to fit in standard order, or with antique lace or fabric of your choice, I found this gem of a corseters while browsing online, and discovered that my fave Etsy store owner, TheTrashyVictorian buys from them. Small world!

According to the corset section of the Morua website, it takes 8-10 weeks from payment to build a corset, not including shipping/fitting time. They have a beginners guide, a sneak peek of the corset making process and some off-the-rack corsets for sale as well, just in case you don’t want to wait for a custom made design. Ten weeks sounds like a while to wait for a corset, but having seen some of the finished bespoke designs I’m quite sure it’s absolutely worth it.


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